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Clean & Shield uses Zetrisil® Surface Sanitizer, a unique, fast acting, surface treatment that kills viruses, bacteria and germs on contact and continues to protect for up to 28 days. It’s also Non-Toxic and Alcohol Free


Zetrisil® - Extra protection developed by My-Shield

What is Zetrisil®?

Zetrisil® is a proprietary nano-based silicone compound created by My-Shield that is used solely or in conjunction with either isopropyl alcohol or conventional quaternary ammonium compounds. Zetrisil® effectively protects and/or “shields” the area any My-shield® or Germfree24® product is applied to from bacterial contamination by way of a long-lasting, cationic-charged, anti-microbial nano-silicone coating.

How does Zetrisil® work?

Our Zetrisil-based formulations are effective as a bacterial static to instant complete 99.9999% broad spectrum kill against bacteria & viruses, with the additional benefit of a persistent kill up to 28 days per application.

How is the efficacy of our products measured?

The analysis technique for determining the surface charge of nanoparticles in a solution (colloids) is called “Zeta Potential”. Nanoparticles have a surface charge measured in millivolts that attracts a thin layer of ions of opposite charge to the nanoparticle surface.

Why is Zeta Potential important for Disinfectants & Sanitizers?

The greater the positive charge disinfectants or sanitizing solutions have, the greater killing effect against negatively charged bacteria and virus, by way of opposite pole magnetic attraction.

Clean and Shield, Zetrisil formula
Zeta Potential diagram

How does Zetrisil® improve the efficacy of Disinfectants & Sanitizers?

The majority of bacteria and viruses are negatively charged nano particles. With a positively charged disinfectant and/or sanitizer they will be attracted to each other and agglomerate the negatively-charged bacteria or virus particles around the positively-charged disinfectant or sanitizer solution therefore improving the kill time and efficacy rate per volume of liquid, disinfectant or sanitizer.

Can Zetrisil® kill bacteria and virus’s magnetically?

Yes. By way of changing the magnetic charge around the bacteria or virus cell, it can damage the cell wall membrane causing osmosis imbalance to the bacteria or virus, causing the cell wall to rupture, lyse and explode.

Zetrisil diagram

Alcohol, bleach & chlorine free  non-toxic formula

Most surface sanitizers available on the market today contain harsh compounds that have been found to be highly toxic and corrosive and very hazardous to human health and the environment.

Quick & easy to apply

Large surface areas: (e.g. building interiors) A Electrostatic sprayer is used to easily disperse the disinfectant to all surfaces within a room or vehicle, including walls, ceilings, flooring, furniture etc. Drying time with this application is very quick and the procedure is complete within minutes.


Between .08cts and .15cts Per sqft  in buildings and office spaces, Flat rates for buses, commercial and personal vehicles.

It can be applied on any place

Designed for use in Households & Healthcare applications, suitable for hotel rooms and cruise ship treatment: sanitize hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins (including mattresses, bedspreads, carpets, curtains, light fittings, equipment, corridors, motor vehicles, aircraft, public lobbies, function rooms, bathrooms & food preparation areas. Create completely sanitize rooms to alleviate the concerns of health conscious guests while reducing the risk of them contracting air born virus & negating unpleasant odors.

My-Shield Surface Sanitizer

  • Adopts a three-way killing mechanism
  • Broad spectrum kills against most germs and viruses
  • EPA and FDA Registered
  • Extended protection for up to 28 days
  • Non-flammable and non-toxic
  • Non-irritating, non-corrosive
  • Anti-static, and can be applied directly onto electrical appliances
  • Adheres to any surface
  • Leaves the treated surface odor free
  • Environmentally stable (non-leaching)

Other Surface Sanitizers

  • Reliant on a poison kill
  • Reduced efficacy against some germs and viruses
  • May not be EPA and FDA registered or compliant
  • Limited protection time up to 15 minutes
  • Highly flammable and/or toxic
  • Severe irritant, corrosive and can cause burns or blindness
  • Disruptive to electrical equipment
  • Not suitable to apply to many surfaces
  • Unpleasant odors of bleach and chlorine
  • Environmentally hazardous

How Our Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer Works


Latest Studies from the University of Alabama on the efficacy of My-Shield products

Surface Sanitizer Study

Body Spray Study

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